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Should we go or should we stay now? September 26, 2008

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As with every great podcast (We are great because of people like you), Drinks With The Girls is evolving.

Don’t worry. Tini, Rummy & I will still be broadcasting our unique, interesting, and politically incorrect) points of view on everything in and surrounding life.
The change I’m talking about is technical. We (Cosmo) are developing a new Drinks With The Girls website. Hopefully this website won’t be so ghetto. (It will be at least a little ghetto. I’m not a great a web designer). This website will have a shiny new message board, for all you to express your thoughts, opinions and ramblings.

Also, we bought a new microphone. HURRAY! The podcast sounds SOOO much better. That means no more adjusting your volume knob while listening or having to guess at what Tini said. The best part is, we already named the microphone (see a future episode). He is called Ron Jeremy. That way we can all say, we have been blowing Ron Jeremy all day… Juvenile yes, but no one said we had to act like grown ups.

Now, for the biggest news (ok the biggest news for Drinks With The Girls Blog readers), we are switching blog applications. So, from now on go to drinkswiththegirls.blogspot.com to read our blog

**Warning Techie Speak***
For those techies out there, I decided to switch to Blogger from wordpress. Yes, I could’ve hosted the blog on our website, but I didn’t really want the hassle. I’ve had a hard enough time developing a website.
Why did I decide to go to Blogger? The web traffic seems to be a bit better, the widgets are easy & plentiful, and I can edit the blog template without paying extra. The BEST reason, is because it’s a Google product & since I’m going to marry Sergey Brin (CEO of Google) someday, I want to start showing my support now. Sorry wordpress…
***End of Techie Speak

The best part of these PITA (Pain In The Ass) changes, is we are growing! I remember (sniff, sniff) when Drinks with the girls was just an obscene politically incorrect conversation between a few Florida women that know how to live/love life. The different now, is we get to record our valuable conversations.

So here is to Us! Tini, Rummy, & Me…. Suck the Marrow out of life & buy a Microphone.

Umm… I might have gotten a little carried away about the last part but ya get my point!



Too Much Time on my Hands September 22, 2008

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There just doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything I want to do these days.  I feel overwhelmed at times since there are so many more options than we had just a decade or two ago – internet, cable TV, video games, etc.  So I’ve come up with a few ways to save time on the ho hum tasks in order to have more time for fun:


1.               Don’t wash your car!  It’s just going to get dirty again anyway.  Plus the rain can wash it for you.  So when I’m working and it starts raining outside I can say I’m multi tasking.  This is especially true if you have a beat up old truck held together by duct tape anyway.  No matter how much you wash it its still going to be a beat up old truck!


2.               Don’t balance your checkbook.  Most banks will let you check transactions online.  A quick glance once a week should be enough to tell if anyone has messed with your money.  A $20 purchase at the bike shop is probably mine but the Gucci store purchase for $350 is probably not. 


3.               Don’t make the bed.  It’s just going to get messed up again.  And if you like naps as much as I do that means a few makings of the bed each day.  Plus unless you work in the world’s oldest profession or live in an efficiency apartment, not many people are going to see the messy bed anyway.


4.               Don’t keep up with fashion.  They change fashion every year to make you buy stuff even though you have stuff that is still perfectly good.  I’m not in high school so I really don’t care what others think of my fashion sense.  Plus I’d rather buy things that fit my figure and make it look its best rather than things that are supposedly “in”.  Ask any guy what shoes are in fashion this year.  If he knows he is gay and wouldn’t want you anyway.  Most straight guys don’t care about fashion and just want to see you without your clothes anyway.


5.               Minimize what you buy.  More purchases means more stuff to take care of.  If you don’t buy it in the first place you wont need to maintain it.  Check out thestoryofstuff.org for more information on the time and environmental costs of all our purchases.


These are just some examples of how I save time on the mundane to have more time for what’s important to me.  I challenge you to try some or find some of your own short cuts.   Life is short so be happy even if your sock drawer isn’t totally organized!


Rummy “Efficiency is my middle name” Runner


Shopping – Mountain Biking Style September 18, 2008

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My new hobbie is now… mountain biking. This is probably not a HUGE surprise since I have blogged about mountain biking a few times. In recap, It all started out with my boyfriend. He LOVES mountain biking & eventually it rubbed off. Well, I don’t love it yet… but I do like it.

With every new hobbie, there is time & money that needs to be spent. I’m lucky enough to mostly have a bike. Some great people have been letting me us their old one, on a borrow to own basis. But there are a few other things I need.

1) Helmet (Apparently My BF doesn’t want me to break my “cute little head”. His words, not mine!)
a. It must have a visor – per BF for keeping the sun out of my eyes
b. It must look good – Cosmo Requirement
2) Gloves (When you crash, you don’t want to scrap up your knuckles)
a. Full Finger ones are the best – Per BF
b. Must match other gear – Cosmo Requirement
c. Must have gel (That’s what she said) – To keep Cosmo’s Hands from looking like a construction workers hands.
3) Camelbak (Ya get VERY thirsty on a ride)
a. Capacity of 100 oz – per BF
b. Must match – Cosmo Requirement
c. Have a few pouches for Benadryl, power bars & MP3 Player
d. Not be too heavy – Cosmo Requirement

So there ya have it boys & girls, the mountain biking gear I will need to purchase soon! When I actually own a mountain bike, I will chat ALL about it. Hmm… what will be her (or his) name? Rummy named her bike Brad Pitt.. maybe I will do that.

I could name the bike Oliver Queen. Then I could say “I’m riding Oliver Queen” (Green Arrow from Smallville- See Below)

Below Novice rider – Cosmo

Oliver Queen... YUMMY

Oliver Queen... YUMMY


4 Gallons = Sushi September 17, 2008

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I really hate it when people bitch about gas. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is a PITA, but lets do something about it, not complain. All that being said… I’m a hypocrite.
While chatting on the phone with Tini, I pulling into my local gas station, I noticed that regular & mid grade gas were out. Premium gas was all they had. Since molly’s , gas needle was making friends with the red e, I decided that getting a few gallons of premium wouldn’t be too bad.
I was chatting away with Tini, when I noticed the gas pump read $15.00 & rapidly increasing. Immedilaty I looked at the gallons. It read 3.8 and climing…slowly.

“WTF” I said to Tini!
Tini – “Cosmo are you ok
Cosmo – “Yeah, but I just gave my sushi money to the BP (gas station).”
Tini Laughed.
After bitching for a few more minutes, Tini informed me that 4 gallon’s wouldn’t even fill up 1/4 of a tank(mine was between ½ & ¼)… That made me feel a bit better.

The bad news is, I can no longer be irrated about people bitchin’ about gas. The good news is, my new hobbie doesn’t require much gas.
Hypocrite Cosmo


Never Say “Goodbye” September 15, 2008

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I never got to say goodbye to an old friend of mine.  She was hit on her motorcycle and was in a coma.  I visited her at the hospital but didn’t say goodbye on purpose.  I said “I’ll see you soon when you are fully recovered” since I thought she might come out of the coma and I wanted to be supportive.  Unfortunately it wasn’t going to happen and life support was ended and she passed away last week.  It really makes you think about your own mortality and what’s important in life.  We hadn’t spoken much in the past few years but I still had many fond memories of the times we shared together.  In the end I think connections with others is the most important thing in life.  I hope when its my turn to go, I will have many friends that will have fond memories of me and feel that I affected their life in a positive way.  It would seem from all the visitors at the hospital that my friend did indeed accomplish this in her 30 short years in this world.


She was an organ donor so several other people will be able to have better lives because of her.  What a nice final gift to give to the world.  I’ve never really thought much about being an organ donor until now.  It’s hard to think about an untimely end but if it did occur what use would I have for the organs….none.  And thinking someone who has been sick may get a second chance sounds wonderful.  I always feel good when I do something nice for someone else and donating organs could be my last good deed. 


We held a big celebration of life for her yesterday.  It was nice to take some time to reminisce about the good times we shared together with her other friends.  I have so many memories of us going on vacations, doing bike hashes and going out dancing.  If I had to pick one memory to share it would be when we went on a very difficult run hash together in Oregon.  One woman whose husband was making the run trail asked “are those two little girls going to be ok”.  She didn’t know how strong this petite woman was and not only were we ok we actually finished in the front ahead of all the boys!


Another fond memory I have is one of the compliments she gave me.  She told me once that she was always impressed at how friendly I was and how easy it was for me to approach people and make new friends.  Sincere compliments like that really mean a lot.  I try to admire the good qualities in others and point them out.  It makes me feel good and the person I’m complimenting too.  I do have to say that no matter how many new friends I make, I will never forget this one!


She will be missed but I hope as her boyfriend said “we all now have an angel watching over us now”.    


Rummy “I’ll Miss You My Friend” Runner


Top 10 Mountain Biking MUST HAVE items September 11, 2008

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10) Deep woods off (Those mosquitoes find mountain bikers succulent treats)

9) Suntan lotion (In FL you HAVE to, or you will look 60 when your birth certificate says 30)

8 ) Change of Clothes (You don’t want to get your car all smelly. BO, should stay on the trail)

7) Power bars (I’m not big on eating while working out, but this is a must! Once you are 10 miles out, you have to make it the 10 miles back to your car or hostel. Power bars might give you the boost you need.)

6) Water & LOTS of it. (Some people prefer camelbaks, some prefer water bottles, but make sure to bring a lot of it. You can put ice in your camelback…makes a summer day a bit easier to tolerate.)

5) Deodorant (See, step 8 “BO should stay on the trail)

4) A mountain bike (If you need to borrow or rent one…bring a mountain bike NOT a road bike. There is a difference.)

3) Good company (This one is very important. It will give you someone to whine with when your ass hurts)

2) A cell phone (In case you get lost, or need to make that all important call to your boyfriend/girlfriend saying you are going to be late)

And the Number 1 Thing to bring on a mountain bike ride is…
1) Shorts with Ass padding! (Read My Ass Hurts)



My Ass Hurts! September 10, 2008

Fan-Tab-U-LOUS blog readers…. My Ass hurts! No, it’s not the reason you think, no back door action has been happening (dirty mind readers…how I love thee!), I went mountain biking…again. Can you say a glutton for punishment? It all started with the boyfriend (that LOVES mountain biking) and an Eleanor Roosevelt quote “Do something that scares you every day.” After my first experience mountain biking…it now scares me, or did.
After my first, VERY painful attempt at mountain biking, I thought I would NEVER try it again. It just goes to show you…Never say NEVER!
Besides all of my bitching regarding my Ass, I’m in pretty good shape, only a few bruises & scrapes. Also, the surprise of surprises… I enjoyed riding my borrowed mountain bike on the trails. Yes, it was soo hot it was like summer in Hell and my Ass still hurts DAYS later…but I enjoyed it.
A wonderful friend rode with me on the “easy” trails & chatted the whole time. This actually helped, since the chatting kept me from realizing that my ass felt like it was on FIRE!

Seriously, I had a good time all and all. Here is the real kicker…I’m going to buy a mountain bike. OH MY GOD, I think I’ve just fallen off the Looney truck!

Tomorrow, check out the Top 10 things you need when you go mountain biking

kamikaze Cosmo

Mountain BIking Craz-iness