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Should we go or should we stay now? September 26, 2008

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As with every great podcast (We are great because of people like you), Drinks With The Girls is evolving.

Don’t worry. Tini, Rummy & I will still be broadcasting our unique, interesting, and politically incorrect) points of view on everything in and surrounding life.
The change I’m talking about is technical. We (Cosmo) are developing a new Drinks With The Girls website. Hopefully this website won’t be so ghetto. (It will be at least a little ghetto. I’m not a great a web designer). This website will have a shiny new message board, for all you to express your thoughts, opinions and ramblings.

Also, we bought a new microphone. HURRAY! The podcast sounds SOOO much better. That means no more adjusting your volume knob while listening or having to guess at what Tini said. The best part is, we already named the microphone (see a future episode). He is called Ron Jeremy. That way we can all say, we have been blowing Ron Jeremy all day… Juvenile yes, but no one said we had to act like grown ups.

Now, for the biggest news (ok the biggest news for Drinks With The Girls Blog readers), we are switching blog applications. So, from now on go to drinkswiththegirls.blogspot.com to read our blog

**Warning Techie Speak***
For those techies out there, I decided to switch to Blogger from wordpress. Yes, I could’ve hosted the blog on our website, but I didn’t really want the hassle. I’ve had a hard enough time developing a website.
Why did I decide to go to Blogger? The web traffic seems to be a bit better, the widgets are easy & plentiful, and I can edit the blog template without paying extra. The BEST reason, is because it’s a Google product & since I’m going to marry Sergey Brin (CEO of Google) someday, I want to start showing my support now. Sorry wordpress…
***End of Techie Speak

The best part of these PITA (Pain In The Ass) changes, is we are growing! I remember (sniff, sniff) when Drinks with the girls was just an obscene politically incorrect conversation between a few Florida women that know how to live/love life. The different now, is we get to record our valuable conversations.

So here is to Us! Tini, Rummy, & Me…. Suck the Marrow out of life & buy a Microphone.

Umm… I might have gotten a little carried away about the last part but ya get my point!



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