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Top 10 Mountain Biking MUST HAVE items September 11, 2008

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10) Deep woods off (Those mosquitoes find mountain bikers succulent treats)

9) Suntan lotion (In FL you HAVE to, or you will look 60 when your birth certificate says 30)

8 ) Change of Clothes (You don’t want to get your car all smelly. BO, should stay on the trail)

7) Power bars (I’m not big on eating while working out, but this is a must! Once you are 10 miles out, you have to make it the 10 miles back to your car or hostel. Power bars might give you the boost you need.)

6) Water & LOTS of it. (Some people prefer camelbaks, some prefer water bottles, but make sure to bring a lot of it. You can put ice in your camelback…makes a summer day a bit easier to tolerate.)

5) Deodorant (See, step 8 “BO should stay on the trail)

4) A mountain bike (If you need to borrow or rent one…bring a mountain bike NOT a road bike. There is a difference.)

3) Good company (This one is very important. It will give you someone to whine with when your ass hurts)

2) A cell phone (In case you get lost, or need to make that all important call to your boyfriend/girlfriend saying you are going to be late)

And the Number 1 Thing to bring on a mountain bike ride is…
1) Shorts with Ass padding! (Read My Ass Hurts)



One Response to “Top 10 Mountain Biking MUST HAVE items”

  1. Rummy Says:

    Don’t forget:
    Cute guy – not in the bike tights – those look gay.
    Headphones – everything is better with music!
    Camera – so you can document all the falls.

    I’m so glad you are getting into biking. It rocks. I hope to see you on an urban assault some day!

    Cute guy – Check
    Headphones – Gotta Have them!
    Camera – Maybe when I get a bit better, I don’t want to break it!

    Assault… No THANK YOU! I like my ass the way it is… (Eww, that is a BADDD joke) – Cosmo

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