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I have your Tool September 3, 2008

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It’s like I’m 15 years old again.

I just received an instant message from a male coworker, that we refer to as “Capt Kirk” saying:

“I have your tool” – Capt Kirk sends over Instant Messenger

“You do?” – Immature Cosmo sends back (Trying to hold back all the dirty innuendos that could be said)

“Yeah, let me know when you can come & get it” – Capt Kirk Responds

“Do you mean Cum?” – Immature Cosmo Quickly types & then erases immediatly from the Instant message screen, so she doesn’t get fired.

“Your painting tool” – Capt Kirk quickly clarifies. (Apparently he understands my dirty immature mind”

“Oh… Sure thing” – Disappointed & immature Cosmo says.

Immature Cosmo (age 30, going on 15)


One Response to “I have your Tool”

  1. Rummy Says:

    he he he he says immmature Rummy! Thanks.

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