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Shopping – Mountain Biking Style September 18, 2008

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My new hobbie is now… mountain biking. This is probably not a HUGE surprise since I have blogged about mountain biking a few times. In recap, It all started out with my boyfriend. He LOVES mountain biking & eventually it rubbed off. Well, I don’t love it yet… but I do like it.

With every new hobbie, there is time & money that needs to be spent. I’m lucky enough to mostly have a bike. Some great people have been letting me us their old one, on a borrow to own basis. But there are a few other things I need.

1) Helmet (Apparently My BF doesn’t want me to break my “cute little head”. His words, not mine!)
a. It must have a visor – per BF for keeping the sun out of my eyes
b. It must look good – Cosmo Requirement
2) Gloves (When you crash, you don’t want to scrap up your knuckles)
a. Full Finger ones are the best – Per BF
b. Must match other gear – Cosmo Requirement
c. Must have gel (That’s what she said) – To keep Cosmo’s Hands from looking like a construction workers hands.
3) Camelbak (Ya get VERY thirsty on a ride)
a. Capacity of 100 oz – per BF
b. Must match – Cosmo Requirement
c. Have a few pouches for Benadryl, power bars & MP3 Player
d. Not be too heavy – Cosmo Requirement

So there ya have it boys & girls, the mountain biking gear I will need to purchase soon! When I actually own a mountain bike, I will chat ALL about it. Hmm… what will be her (or his) name? Rummy named her bike Brad Pitt.. maybe I will do that.

I could name the bike Oliver Queen. Then I could say “I’m riding Oliver Queen” (Green Arrow from Smallville- See Below)

Below Novice rider – Cosmo

Oliver Queen... YUMMY

Oliver Queen... YUMMY


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