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My Ass Hurts! September 10, 2008

Fan-Tab-U-LOUS blog readers…. My Ass hurts! No, it’s not the reason you think, no back door action has been happening (dirty mind readers…how I love thee!), I went mountain biking…again. Can you say a glutton for punishment? It all started with the boyfriend (that LOVES mountain biking) and an Eleanor Roosevelt quote “Do something that scares you every day.” After my first experience mountain biking…it now scares me, or did.
After my first, VERY painful attempt at mountain biking, I thought I would NEVER try it again. It just goes to show you…Never say NEVER!
Besides all of my bitching regarding my Ass, I’m in pretty good shape, only a few bruises & scrapes. Also, the surprise of surprises… I enjoyed riding my borrowed mountain bike on the trails. Yes, it was soo hot it was like summer in Hell and my Ass still hurts DAYS later…but I enjoyed it.
A wonderful friend rode with me on the “easy” trails & chatted the whole time. This actually helped, since the chatting kept me from realizing that my ass felt like it was on FIRE!

Seriously, I had a good time all and all. Here is the real kicker…I’m going to buy a mountain bike. OH MY GOD, I think I’ve just fallen off the Looney truck!

Tomorrow, check out the Top 10 things you need when you go mountain biking

kamikaze Cosmo

Mountain BIking Craz-iness


4 Responses to “My Ass Hurts!”

  1. Rummy Says:

    Hey Cosmo,
    Thanks for posting that picture of me doing a wheelie…..lol….OK I’m not quite that good. Maybe it’s my boyfriend’s picture….ok not him either but he can do some wheelies.

  2. […] And the Number 1 Thing to bring on a mountain bike ride is… 1) Shorts with Ass padding! (Read My Ass Hurts) […]

  3. […] bad news is, I can no longer be irrated about people bitchin’ about gas. The good news is, my new hobbie doesn’t require much gas. Hypocrite Cosmo […]

  4. FLgirl Says:

    Hi Cosmo,
    You know we have a saying, it’s not mtn biking until someone bleeds. Great sport and fortunately for those of us in FL the best time of year to ride (in FL) is almost upon us! Watch out it can really turn into a passion.

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