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“Metro Muscle” August 29, 2008

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FUCK! I am 30 minutes late for an event that I am hosting and now I’m lost! Why does downtown have to have sooo many one way streets? I think it is a conspiracy with the gas companies. So many people get lost & drive around town like an adult merry-go-round ride with out the merry.
Passing by my nemesis street for the 3rd time, I see a business called metro muscle. Even frustrated as I am, my brain still works over time with that bit of comedy. Immediately, I picture a peen in a “club shirt”. Of course, I have to drive by…again. I’m already 30 minutes late, what are a few more minutes?
Driving by again, I notice the whole logo “Metro Muscle the Lightening Bolt of Fitness 24/7” HILLARIOUS!
Now, every time I drive by one of these gyms, I can’t but picture a peen in club shirt working out. Of course, I end up squirting whatever beverage I’m drinking at the time, right though my nose.

BTW, I’ve heard these are good gyms, 24/7 access for these Metro muscles (Snicker…), juice bar (What kind of Juice do peen need?), and variety of classes (endurance and foreplay classes are the most popular)
Perv Cosmo.

Peen Shirt

Peen Shirt


3 Responses to ““Metro Muscle””

  1. B Says:

    Google and Wikipedia haven’t been forthcoming: What is a peen?

    Good Question! It ranges in sizes from >2in (macro) to the side of a third leg (tripod)… A Penis – Cosmo

  2. Rummy Says:

    Hey that’s my gym….just kidding. I was too afraid to join since the lightning bolt scared me. We do live in the lightning capital of the word you know.

  3. Keep up the excellent work!!

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