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What do you Mean I have to Replace Luna? April 14, 2008

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April 1st was a HUGE day for me! I started my PhD (Hooray for me!), tried to resign from a company I am part owner of (long story) and Luna blew up…. I say blew up but what I really mean is that gremlins, that call Luna their home, decided to have a party and it went on too long and demolished the party location.

The saddest part of all is that I LOVED Luna. She was the most beautiful dark blue Sebring convertible. Yeah…she needed some work and there was a dent in the hood from that time an idiot backed into her at a stoplight, but so what. She was awesome. She NEVER complained when I put the top down and the stereo was sufficiently loud enough to conceal my horrible signing.

Since it would cost more money to fix the “party location” (Luna’s motor) than to buy a new car…that is what I have been doing for the past week. Thank goodness I have a WONDERFUL friend that let me borrow his car until I purchased my new Love (car).

Now for the Bright Cheery Side of this story!

Yesterday I purchased a Volkswagen Beetle, convertible of course! She (Yes, it is a she. Could a beetle be anything other than female?) is light blue and I’m already see the makings of a wonderful friendship. She doesn’t have the smoothest ride, but has been lots of fun so far! I can see Tini, Rummy and me going to the beach with the top down, waving to fellow drivers that aren’t lucky enough to have a beetle convertible to call their own.

Now the hard part…what is her name?

Crazy Cosmo


3 Responses to “What do you Mean I have to Replace Luna?”

  1. Rummy Says:

    I offer the name “Blue Bug of Happiness” for your consideration! 🙂

    LOVE it!! But it might not mystify ppl when I say “Blue Bug of Happiness and I are on our way”. Besides Karen (the GPS) might get Jelly & give me direction to the crack boutique!

  2. […] station, I noticed that regular & mid grade gas were out. Premium gas was all they had. Since molly’s , gas needle was making friends with the red e, I decided that getting a few gallons of premium […]

  3. onlooker Says:

    you are completely mad

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