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God Mobile Or Torcher Device? August 27, 2008

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Apparently, some state fairs now have God Mobiles. On one of Dawn & Drew’s adventures (a Fav podcast of mine) they uncovered one of the elusive heavenly vehicles. (http://mevio.com/video/?persona_id=739&movie_id=ee914d06492663d0fa1d6ecddb8fc0f0)
How it works:
A immaculately groomed carnie (carnival worker), has the psychic insite to guess if someone is going to heaven based on the suckers customers answers to two questions. Dawn and Drew fail to mention what the two questions are, but I can guess.
Question Number 1) Are you the Devil in disguise.
If the answer was yes…I think the heavenly carnie operator would be able to say “you are going Down-Town” with some authority.
Question Number 2) Do you cut people off in Traffic

(Oh that can’t be a question, or “Down Town” would be grossly over populated & would include Me. )
Question Number 2) Do you like Ugly Babies?
If you say yes, which almost everyone would, the the person in question has a one way ticket to “Down Town” <envision the Music of Down town playing in the background>. If the person answered yes…you KNOW they are lying, thus the Hell destination.
If they say yes.. well the person is going straight to hell regardless because they are too mean to arrive at another destination.

Ok…seriously. The God Mobile operator would be the BEST job. You could ask all kinds of questions & tell everyone they are destined for the pearly gates. Everyone would be happy & the God Mobile would have Many MANY book ideas!
What would your questions be?
Putting the Sassy in Cosmo!


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