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Supervising for Rummies June 16, 2008

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My boss decided I needed some opportunity for growth and she suggested that I get some supervisory experience.  Since I’m on the technical side of things there was only one person that was suitable and he was already being supervised by another engineer.  So now we split the supervising duties which gives me the demanding task of supervising half a person.  I’m not sure if I want the top half or the bottom half.  If I get the bottom half I won’t have to worry about him mouthing back at me but there are worse bodily functions he could use.  Maybe we could split him into the left half and the right half.  But that brings to mind the old joke about the guy who got hit by a train and cut in half….he’s ALL right now.  I’m not totally new to the world of supervising.  I was a team lead and supervised three and a half people in my last job.  What is with all these half people?


I’m not sure supervising is for me.  I like to act silly and it can be hard to command respect and admiration when everyone considers you the ‘office clown’.  But like everything else in life, I just look at it as a new experience and a challenge that will help me grow as a person.  I hope I will be a good supervisor and his left half will be very happy!


Rummy “The Delegator” Runner


2 Responses to “Supervising for Rummies”

  1. Jim Beam Says:

    One of a supervisor’s most important jobs is to grow and develop their people. With enough fertilizer, maybe Rummy can grow her half-person into a full one 😮

  2. Cosmo Says:

    Rummy, you will be great! Being a leader is not all about being serious, although respect is important.

    Whenever I have a lead position, I always try to treat people the way I would like to be treated, give more positive feedback then negative, and set good expectations.

    You will be great! Maybe I will come work for you soon. 😉

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