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Road Trip June 12, 2008

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Road trip

I’m soo excited. ALL of us Drinks with the girls are going to Atlanta GA this weekend! It’s a VERY quick trip that entails lots of chatting, eating (of course), maybe some shopping & auditioning for a TV show.

Of course, I can’t take the credit for organizing it, Tini has been the road trip leader!

We are leaving Friday night. You know that that means…jumping on the beds in a swanky hotel room. Hmm is motel 8 swanky? Maybe in a supernatural hotel room, kind of way. (Have you ever seen the hotel rooms in the TV show supernatural…Lets just say they are Retro)

Wonder what kind of trouble we will get into & people we will meet? Strangely enough, us girls, don’t get to spend a lot of time with each other. We are SOO busy doing kite boarding, car shopping, and socializing that it’s hard to get together.

So watch out people in Atlanta, GA! Here comes Drinks with the Girls!

Travelin’ Cosmo


One Response to “Road Trip”

  1. Rummy Says:

    I’m so excited!!!

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