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Cocktail flu and Gnome Kidnapping June 9, 2008

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WOW, was Friday night a little crazy for at least two of us Girls!

We went to an event that had over 60 people from one of our wonderful groups. What did this event involve, you might ask. Drinking, of course!

Oh MY. You know your night is going to be … interesting when a friend volunteers to pay for your first drink of the evening & makes it a double.

What a cra-ZY night! Lots of drinking, by almost everyone. Some dancing, an air hockey smack down & a mohawk thrown in for good measure.

And a pretty blond kidnapped the mascot, Extreme Gnome. WOW was he busy, I received all KINDS of photos regarding his activity. That Gnome is one lucky lawn ornament!

Of Course, Saturday I paid for all of it. You guessed it, the Cocktail flu!  It was a nasty little booger, but  at least it had about run it’s course around 1pm with the help of SEVERAL bottles of water.

Recovering Cosmo


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