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The Fame has started June 2, 2008

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OMG, it has started. The good news is it signals the beginning of popularity. The bad news is, it will only get worse.

This weekend I had two people say “That doesn’t go on your podcast, btw”. The first time I heard it, I was shocked. I had just met this wonderful chic & she had not even listened to the show…how did she know I would put her inner most secrets on the podcast? Hmm, am I that predictable?

The other incident was with the guy I’m “Dating”. (Yes there are quotes around “Dating”…it’s a LONG story) He mentioned that he didn’t want something regarding our sex life to be on the podcast. CRAP, foiled again! How did he know I was going to spill the bean about everything?! It’s a little spooky how well people know me.

So, there ya go fabulous listeners. People are getting leery of my HUGE mouth & the “Podcast Power” I yield <Insert Cra-zy Hysterical Mad Scientist laughter here>.

So stay tuned, because from now on, I’m more of a stealthy podcaster, that way I can’t get the line “Don’t put this on your podcast”. <More Mad Scientist Laughter>

Seriously, Fab Listeners…Fame is hard….


Have a Fabulous Monday everyone & make sure you check out our 2nd podcast! (The 3rd is rapidly on it’s way)

World Famous Cosmo 😉


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