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What was he thinking!! I mean really?? May 27, 2008

All right guys…a quick little lesson on what not to do if you like someone. Oh and this can apply to us ladies too!

lets set the stage… there is this guy who is interested in Cosmo…and we have all been friends for a while… and she kinda thought about it for a second in the beginning…months ago. He is really a smart guy, some what, down to earth and an earth friendly kind of guy. He is not the extrovert that we are…but most people, let alone guys are… But he is usually genuine and fun…so far all good things …right.

Yeah, well, he kinda screwed that up in a hurry a couple of weeks ago… from my understanding…Cosmo feel free to correct me here if needed… he sent a e-mail saying that he would like to date you but… you seem and/ or you are to wild and crazy and that you should rain yourself in and gave ways to do so…and for what porpous.. would that be in order to date him?? Okay!?!

 In my mind this guy has no idea what he wants…and I mean NO clue what so ever!

She tried to very nicely put him off with a reply e-mail, but sadly, we all know how that usually works:(  So he wrote back a huge defencive and somewhat aggressive letter… What…like… are you going to force her to like you and then change her….uh…not likely…and of course not with our girl. She way to smart and cool for that. (We call her sassy for a reason…Hello!)

 And so the Big Don’t  here is…. 
  -Don’t start with pointing out flaws…or things that she could/should change…if you feel this   way…ask yourself first– Do I really like her… If so, then…Why do I want her to change? If you   have to ask yourself this Question…You probably just like the “Idea” of that person…or having (controlling… Yeah…that’s right I said it!!) that person- and do not actually want that person… for if you wanted them you would like them just the way they are and for who they are! If this sounds like it could be you- it maybe time to reevaluate yourself and what it is you think you may want….just a thought!


 Keep Safe and keep Living large…!



One Response to “What was he thinking!! I mean really??”

  1. Cosmo Says:

    Tini, You are correct. This guy seems nice enough, but NOT for me! (I am also dating someone else, so it wouldn’t work anyways).

    Why would you want to change someone? NO ONE is perfect! Thank Goodness. How boring would life be if everyone was perfect?

    Good Points Tini & a HUGE CONGRATS on your first Blog Entry EVER!


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