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Family…err…vacation?? May 27, 2008

Okay….just went of a short five day vacation with my immediate family (baby bro, who just turned 20, my mother and our grandmother)….and boy was that ruff…oops, did I say ruff, I meant fun…uh… yeah…fun!  
Doesn’t this ever get easier?  
We did it for a good reason….by baby brother will be heading to Iraq soon and his activation starts in just a few days…and it was a chance for us all to spend a bit of time with him. Man, he just seems so young still! I guess some of that may change in the next year and a half…not to sure what I think of all that just yet.  

Anyway….love them all but I just feel to old to do family vacations anymore…it was just weird being stuck with them on an island, in a small cottage, beautiful setting…strange company.  

As much as I love my family, I just couldn’t help but feel like a caged animal through the whole thing. We are all sooo very different and are at such different places in our lives. It’s surprising that there were only two small arguments during the whole trip…yeah! and Sadly, I’m very happy about all this …had the trip been much (just another day or two) longer, I KNOW it would have been at least 3 times the amount of arguments! Thank GOD that it was a short trip, that was really all any ones schedules would allow on such short notice, phew!  

All I know is that I kept thinking…man if I were here with this person or that person…this place would be sooo great! There are so many cool little outing we could have gone on but we had Granny with us, and what’s night life to these people, oh I know…it’s a soft Pallow! My baby bro would do the night life thing, but he is still a year to  young for that….grrrr! And really financially wise, timing couldn’t be worse for me! And we all know it’s really  all about me…uh…okay…maybe not.  

Really though…now that I have gotten all that out of my system, It was really nice and we did all get some quality  time in together. I got some great bird photos for my mother (she is a big bird fan) and a few good memories with the kid brother. We did a little fishing together and thankfully he was the only one to ever catch a thing! Had he not, that could have started another little fight…God knows…I can’t hardly help myself with him…and I would had to rubbed it in big time, had I had all the catches or just the biggest;) Got to love siblings!!  

Well I off to help him pack…seems I know a bit about this deploying stuff…seeing I’ve done it a time or two 
before myself…weird thing is, he actually listens to me on this kind of thing and wants my help…huh…well 
guess we all have to grow up sometime…bummer. (That goes for the growing up part too;) )

Keep Safe and keep Living your dreams…!



One Response to “Family…err…vacation??”

  1. Cosmo Says:

    Iraq…that can’t be easy! For you or the bro. I wish he a VERY safe return!

    Family, is…well Family. You love them, but sometimes you do NOT like them.

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder…at least when it comes to Family. Look at me, I live about 1000 miles from my Family. I love them, but If they were closer…who knows what would happen.

    Calm Cosmo (Calm… WOW that doesn’t happen often!)

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