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Bjs in Walmart May 22, 2008

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I had a VERY interesting conversation with the guy I am currently “Dating”. BEWARE – You might fall out of your chair laughing.

Lets set the scene:
Walmart, Horrible BRIGHT lighting, LOTS of stuff that you will probably never “need”, cold tile floors & people of all types.

Bud (Guy I’m Dating), A bit on the conservative side. Routinely tells me that I make “Scenes” (Who knew that yelling “I’m going to Vegas” at the top of my lungs in a Swanky Mall would equal “Making a Scene), of course I take these comments as a compliment. Oh, he also wears a shirt & tie EVERY day to work…poor guy.

In the middle of Walmart’s hygiene department, the following conversation occurred
– Cosmo “So have you ever had a BJ in the car” (It’s a long drive to the campsite)
– Bud “Yes….Wait, do you mean while the car is running?
– Cosmo “Of COURSE!
– Bud “Then No
– Cosmo “No…Well It is a long drive to the campsite” while casually bumping him with my hip and winking. (Of course I stumble immediately afterwards, breaking the sexual innuendo)
– In a loud voice Bud replies “You are not going to give me a BLOW JOB

Bud looks around & sees a woman about 5 feet away from him browsing through the Deodorant. There is NO Doubt that she heard his last remark.

– Blushing Bud says “We are done here” and walks away to the Nerf guns (A Story for another Time)
– Wonderful Listeners, don’t be too disappointed in me; I couldn’t come up with a smart ass response, because I almost feel on the Wal-Mart floor from laughing.

Can you say “Spectacle” 😉

Cosmo, the bad influance


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