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RANT WARNING! Web Hosting = PITA May 5, 2008

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Why is finding a good webhosting company such a PITA (Pain in the Ass)? It is driving me CRA-ZY!

Webhosting Company 1:
Cheap Bi-monthly service (every two months), Fast web development tools. Several email accounts. Sounds great right…. What they don’t tell you is that uploading files over 3MBs is IMPOSSIBLE! Also, if you use their Fast web development tool, you can’t choose the directories the files get uploaded to. So the file path ends up being 200 characters longs….
3MBs, can you say Dark ages. One picture is bigger than 3MBs, much less a podcast.

Webhosting Company 2:
Either you pay for 1 year upfront or you pay for a 60.00 setup fee and 6 months upfront. Which Ironically equals the 1 year fee. WTF, I do not want to pay for a whole year, when I don’t even know if they are a good company or not. So, I email them saying I would like to try them out…bla, bla, niceties are included. They are nice enough to send me a response TWO days later saying…”No”. LOL. Can you say HORRIBLE customer support?

Webhosting Company 3-10
Same problems as webhosting company 2, except they don’t even bother to answer my trial period request.

Webhosting Company 11:
Frustrated & thinking DWTGs would have to pay for a year of webhosting with a poor customer service webhosting company …I looked a bit more. Vola…Finally I find a webhosting company that does 6 month contracts w/out a HUGE “Service Fee”. Seems to have good bandwith, LOTS of email accounts, email forwarding, and It can upload more than 3mbs at a time. The downside…it can’t create a website easily. Not without enrolling in a 9.99 a web creation month service.

What does this mean?

On the positive side it means that Cosmo gets to stretch her web development wings and the http://www.drinkswiththegirls.com website will be better than EVER.

Downside…developing a new site takes away from Cosmo’s shower time. Hope no one at work notices…

Bitchy Cosmo.