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New Experience April 24, 2008

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“So you are my girlfriend” Tic Tac said while grabbing my hand.
Since we are not a couple, I looked confusingly at Tic Tac and said “What…?” while letting go of his hand.
“They won’t let you in if you are not with a guy” Tic Tac patiently informed me.
Stupidly I replied “Oh…” and grabbed his hand.

Tic Tac, his brother Stoli and I walked in to this club. It was a little strange acting like Tic Tac’s girlfriend but since I had a few drinks by this time, I was very kewl with it.

A guy wearing a Tux greets us at the door. Since it had been a while since I had seen a guy with a bow tie, I hesitated a few moments. At that exact moment, Tini called…or did I call her…Who knows, like I said, I had a few drinks.
Side note: We invented a new drink that night called Tic Tac Cream. (www. drinkswiththegirls.com/drink_recipes)
“On my way girl” Tini said over the cell phone.
“Awesome, I just did not want to be the only girl here…well you know what I mean” I said.
“I will be there in a few minutes” Tini reassured me.
“Kewl” I replied.

Walking in with my new “Boyfriend” sights and sounds attacked my attention. Oh…did I mention that when I drink I have the attention span of a Nat. Yeah..I can’t pay attention to anything for very long, hence I was looking around like a tourist at Disney world.
Tic Tac and Stoli took me to the bar and asked what I would like to drink.
While looking around like a crazed Disney tourist, I replied “A water and a beer”
I noticed a girl sitting by herself next to the stage. I proceeded sit next to her and start talking. I was just chatting away, saying things like “I have never been to a place like this before” and a few other things that I can’t remember.
After a few moments she said, well I have to go on stage; I will talk to you later.
I went off to find Tic Tac and Stoli, not hard to do mind you (It was small place). They looked a little worried because I was sitting in the VIP section (little did I know), but no worries, the bouncers didn’t seem to mind.
Tic Tac took me to the chairs right in front of the stage. I sat back and just took it all in. Mostly naked 19-25 year old women dancing away, men were drooling and trying to look kewl (btw, it is impossible to do both at the same time!). I thought I might be a little shocked or uncomfortable…but not at all. The strip club was not dirty or gross. It was a small noisy club with women taking their clothes off. Not a big deal at all. In fact, it was very interesting over all.
1st off most of the women did not have huge breasts. Some were an A cup…I was very surprised.
2nd the Bathroom was located in the strippers dressing room. This ruins some of the magic seeing them in the light & hearing them talk like someone on Jerry Springer or cheaters.
3rd the girls moves were not all that. I expected…well I’m not really sure. But I thought I would take some knowledge home with me. There were a few things that were interesting. Like Micka (the girl I talked to in the VIP section), she could throw ice off her back.
So after a few hours, we left. It was a very interesting experience to say the least.

My advice, if you have an open mind & you have never been to a strip club, find a good one is in your area & go! Oh & bring a “Boyfriend” since many of them won’t let you in without one.


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