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The Morning After Breakfast April 29, 2008

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The Morning after Breakfast
While listening to one of my fav songs, Banana pancakes by Jack Johnson, I started to ponder breakfast foods. Of course this leads me to “The Morning after, breakfast”.

When I sleep over at a guy’s house, breakfast is a given…or at least it should be. Yes, banana pancakes would be great, but is not necessary. It is the thoughtfulness that means the most to me. Hell, breakfast could be Lucky Charms with a cute marshmallow design around the plate.

What if they don’t make you breakfast? Do you dump them? Or do you let them have another chance?

In my experience, giving them another chance… doesn’t work out so well. But sometimes, if the guy is worth it, you can try to talk to him about it…and maybe it will work out.

Think of it like this. You just sleep with this guy; even if you didn’t have sex, you gave him your company. You stayed over at his house, in his bed. Breakfast is deserved! Besides, it is a great opportunity for the other person (this applies for women also) to say that they cared and are thankful you stayed over.

Once, a guy brought me water after I stayed over. Yes, we had been drinking the night before & the water was appreciated…but only water?! Yeah…I never saw him again.

Yes guys, I have help up my end of the bargain and made breakfast. No, it is not always blueberry or banana pancakes, but it is always something.

What do you do if you don’t get the breakfast? Hmm, you can mention it. Some great guys/girls out there are Clueless when it comes to this. If this does not work, or you are SURE this is not the case…then Get Another One!

One of my Fav books, that helped me through a dying relationship said “Get Another one, they are making those things every day.” Who care if he has perfect abs or is wonderful in bed. Without respect and at least some caring…there can never be a healthy relationship.

Introspective Cosmo


Run Rummy Run April 25, 2008

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I was a big runner in high school.  I did cross country, track and even ran throughout the summer just to get ready for the next season.  Thankfully I outgrew this crazy period in my life and found some more fun sports to do.  But just to remind myself how far I’ve come and how slow I’ve gotten, I tend to do a few 5K runs each year. 


As part of this self inflicted torture I signed up for the Corporate 5K run yet again this year.  It’s a fun event where I get to run through the ghetto with 10,000 of my closest friends.  I would never feel safe running there alone or even with 100 of my closest friends but somehow it becomes ok when the number of runners out numbers the number of drug dealers by a factor of two. 


I didn’t set a personal best this year but I had a decent time of 28:53 thanks to pacing with a friend of mine.  The real fun was after the race since I got to play football in the citrus bowl, have cartwheel and piggy back races with my friend’s kids and do silly dancing moves for all to see.  I guess the endorphins had kicked in at this point since I didn’t feel a thing when I was piggy backing my 180 pound friend!  At least there is something good that comes out of running.



Rummy “I do not choose to run” Runner



New Experience April 24, 2008

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“So you are my girlfriend” Tic Tac said while grabbing my hand.
Since we are not a couple, I looked confusingly at Tic Tac and said “What…?” while letting go of his hand.
“They won’t let you in if you are not with a guy” Tic Tac patiently informed me.
Stupidly I replied “Oh…” and grabbed his hand.

Tic Tac, his brother Stoli and I walked in to this club. It was a little strange acting like Tic Tac’s girlfriend but since I had a few drinks by this time, I was very kewl with it.

A guy wearing a Tux greets us at the door. Since it had been a while since I had seen a guy with a bow tie, I hesitated a few moments. At that exact moment, Tini called…or did I call her…Who knows, like I said, I had a few drinks.
Side note: We invented a new drink that night called Tic Tac Cream. (www. drinkswiththegirls.com/drink_recipes)
“On my way girl” Tini said over the cell phone.
“Awesome, I just did not want to be the only girl here…well you know what I mean” I said.
“I will be there in a few minutes” Tini reassured me.
“Kewl” I replied.

Walking in with my new “Boyfriend” sights and sounds attacked my attention. Oh…did I mention that when I drink I have the attention span of a Nat. Yeah..I can’t pay attention to anything for very long, hence I was looking around like a tourist at Disney world.
Tic Tac and Stoli took me to the bar and asked what I would like to drink.
While looking around like a crazed Disney tourist, I replied “A water and a beer”
I noticed a girl sitting by herself next to the stage. I proceeded sit next to her and start talking. I was just chatting away, saying things like “I have never been to a place like this before” and a few other things that I can’t remember.
After a few moments she said, well I have to go on stage; I will talk to you later.
I went off to find Tic Tac and Stoli, not hard to do mind you (It was small place). They looked a little worried because I was sitting in the VIP section (little did I know), but no worries, the bouncers didn’t seem to mind.
Tic Tac took me to the chairs right in front of the stage. I sat back and just took it all in. Mostly naked 19-25 year old women dancing away, men were drooling and trying to look kewl (btw, it is impossible to do both at the same time!). I thought I might be a little shocked or uncomfortable…but not at all. The strip club was not dirty or gross. It was a small noisy club with women taking their clothes off. Not a big deal at all. In fact, it was very interesting over all.
1st off most of the women did not have huge breasts. Some were an A cup…I was very surprised.
2nd the Bathroom was located in the strippers dressing room. This ruins some of the magic seeing them in the light & hearing them talk like someone on Jerry Springer or cheaters.
3rd the girls moves were not all that. I expected…well I’m not really sure. But I thought I would take some knowledge home with me. There were a few things that were interesting. Like Micka (the girl I talked to in the VIP section), she could throw ice off her back.
So after a few hours, we left. It was a very interesting experience to say the least.

My advice, if you have an open mind & you have never been to a strip club, find a good one is in your area & go! Oh & bring a “Boyfriend” since many of them won’t let you in without one.


Build A Better Mouse Trap And You Will Catch More Mice….Duh April 23, 2008

Yesterday I spent the afternoon checking traps for mice and other small mammals.  There were no small mammals to be found but the traps did catch a spider and a lizard and I had the added fun of pulling two ticks off of me.  You may wonder what this has to do with my chosen career as a petroleum cleanup engineer.  The answer is absolutely positively nothing.  I just heard of this opportunity and thought it might be a fun experience and a good chance to learn something new. 


Stepping outside the box of my normal daily grind is not a new thing for me.  I’ve always volunteered for extra curricular activities at work including demonstrating a 1½ million dollar prototype hydrogen fuel cell car, being a science fair judge and doing a controlled burn.  A controlled burn would be a dream job for a pyromaniac since it involves purposely setting a forest on fire.  What do you suppose Smokey the Bear would say about this?  “Only you can cause forest fires, only you”!  It doesn’t sound very environmental but I learned of the many benefits it has while I was choking on the thick black smoke. 


So the idea of doing something outside my normal career path is not unusual for me.  I recommend this approach to everyone.  Next time you have the opportunity to try something different give it a chance.  You never know what you will learn, who you will meet and what fun you will have.  After all variety is the spice of life!  The worst thing that can happen is you remove a few ticks, have a funny story to tell your friends and a little bit more knowledge to carry with you on your journey through life. 


Rummy “eeks a mouse” Runner


OMG How FUNNY April 16, 2008

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I just found this kewl blog. It is Hillarious!



Casual Friday is now PJs Friday

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My office allows me to work pretty much whatever hours and whatever days I want as long as I get 80 hours every two weeks.  I’ve always just worked the standard five 8-hour days.  I live close to work, I’m a social animal and my downtown apartment is just barely bigger than my office so the thought of working alone at home never really appealed to me.  Until today that is.  For some reason I started looking at it differently this morning.  I decided that not having the 15 minute commute and being able to work in my PJs or even nekkid if I liked was appealing.  After all, my birthday suit is 40 now so I want to get as much use out of it as I can before it gets too raggedy!  Plus my office is located in the ghetto and since I’m not shopping for crack, guns or a new boyfriend I don’t really like being there.  I find all the sirens and drive bys to be a little distracting too.  So now I’m really looking forward to one day a week in beautiful downtown Orlando.  I can work faster on my new high speed home computer and I will have so many options for lunch including working out at the gym, running around the lake and going out to lunch with my many friends who work downtown.  I think this will be a nice little change in my weekly schedule and I’m proud of myself for rethinking the idea and giving it a chance.  So I guess the moral of this story is to keep your options open and try it before you knock it.  Unfortunately due to scheduling issues I still have to wait a month to start PJs Friday but I’ll keep you posted.




What do you Mean I have to Replace Luna? April 14, 2008

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April 1st was a HUGE day for me! I started my PhD (Hooray for me!), tried to resign from a company I am part owner of (long story) and Luna blew up…. I say blew up but what I really mean is that gremlins, that call Luna their home, decided to have a party and it went on too long and demolished the party location.

The saddest part of all is that I LOVED Luna. She was the most beautiful dark blue Sebring convertible. Yeah…she needed some work and there was a dent in the hood from that time an idiot backed into her at a stoplight, but so what. She was awesome. She NEVER complained when I put the top down and the stereo was sufficiently loud enough to conceal my horrible signing.

Since it would cost more money to fix the “party location” (Luna’s motor) than to buy a new car…that is what I have been doing for the past week. Thank goodness I have a WONDERFUL friend that let me borrow his car until I purchased my new Love (car).

Now for the Bright Cheery Side of this story!

Yesterday I purchased a Volkswagen Beetle, convertible of course! She (Yes, it is a she. Could a beetle be anything other than female?) is light blue and I’m already see the makings of a wonderful friendship. She doesn’t have the smoothest ride, but has been lots of fun so far! I can see Tini, Rummy and me going to the beach with the top down, waving to fellow drivers that aren’t lucky enough to have a beetle convertible to call their own.

Now the hard part…what is her name?

Crazy Cosmo